Sabtu, 01 September 2012

BMW 2015 Concept

When you are saying concept – you are imagining a new design, some great creative style and something unique in terms of the outer appearance and the interior. But when you hear the combination of “BMW Concept Car” one should know that the new offering would not only be modern and futuristic in the design, but also at the engineering core of the car.
BMW 2015 Concept Car Photo
BMW 2015 Concept Car Photo
New 2015 concept car of BMW is actually the group of projects of the specialized Transportation Design students, that work closely in the partnership with manufacturer BMW itself. Their goal is to create the car for the year 2015 that would be able to involve the language of rapid evolution and also incorporate in itself the BMW brand’s engineering and development philosophy. The unique image of the concept car BMW ZX-6 was created by Jai Ho Yoo and another student Lukas Vanek. Whether it will be a seriously based concept of not is still to be decided and announced. All we know is that it is a great step towards more sustainable future and also to the further development of BMW brand.

Upper BMW 2015 Concept Car Photo